Principal's Message

Dear Parent/Guardian, Together we have accepted the joint responsibility of educating your child. We believe that primary aim of education is to draw the talent of the child out and to provide him/her proper facilities, congenial environment and right exposure to hone his/her skills. We believe in shaping the young children of today into ideal citizens of tomorrow, striving to keep alive the rich cultural heritage of our ancient land. We want all round development of our children so that they can face the challenges of this ever changing world. The "School Diary" is planned to be record of your child's school activities. It is also intended to become a valuable link between the teachers and the parents with regard to day-to-day progress of the child. We expect you to look up the diary of your child every day and countersign it. It will be good to remember that any comment made herein must refer only to the student's work & conduct. Criticism of teaching method & comments regarding the Home work, if any, should be conveyed in a separate letter addressed to the principal. Look forward to your active interest and co-operation.